1st Blog Post – Finally

OK, so I have had this site for over a year. Yes, over a year, and I HAVE NEVER POSTED. Honestly, I did not know what to post about. I was relatively green in the voice over business and I thought I had nothing to offer. This is simply not true.

I have a background in music education, specifically vocal music education. Yes, in a past life I was a choir director. I have extensive knowledge about the voice and how to use it properly without burning out or injuring yourself. I have knowledge about different aspects of pedagogy, music reading as it relates to language learning, the transfer of learning, and early childhood music interaction.

Also, as the page describes, I do voice over work. Since I have been involved in the field for some time now, with probably about 2000-2500 auditions under my belt and about 75-100 booked jobs, I now have experience with different aspects of the voice over industry, from audio production, to script interpretation, to the various pay to play websites, and essential gear for the VoiceOver artist.

I am also an at-home dad. About six years ago I was burnt out from teaching. Our children were five and two at the time and we were expecting our third. My wife and I made the decision for me to stay home for a few years and for her to takeover as the primary income. So, for the past six years, I have been in charge of meals, taking kids to and from school and activities, managing the house, mastering the laundry, and a lot of other jobs surrounding kids and being the at-home parent.

And, our family LOVES to travel. It has been really hard these past two years not getting to go on trips, or being super creative around traveling in COVID times. Definitely some great content to share here too.

So, yes, given my VoiceOver experience, my teaching experience, and my experience as the at-home parent for six years, and how we love to travel, I have plenty to write about. Plus, our youngest son has Selective Mutism so that needs attention as well.

And let me be as clear as I can. This blog, and hopefully more, will not be advisee or how I do everything right. I know blogs like this, and I HATE THEM. Really, I do. These posts will be about honesty and authenticity, and yes…failure.

So, this journey will now not just be about voice over, but A LOT of other things too. I hope to not only have this blog, but also a YouTube channel and a podcast eventually. I want to help people find their voice. So, probably, that is what this whole mixed bag of parenting, VoiceOver, traveling with a family, Selective Mutism, and how to use your voice will be called…Finding Your Voice. Come and join me on this journey.

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